Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti MP3 | Ganpati Aarti Collection Free Download {MP3, Lyrics Marathi}

ganesh chaturthi aarti

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti MP3 Download Collection of Ganpati Aarti MP3, Lyrics Marathi

Hello! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all! With Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 just around the corner am sure you all are longing to hear your favorite Ganpati Aarti in Marathi – Sukhkarta Dukhharta in Marathi. We as Hindus never want to go wrong in any of our spiritual doings. Moreover, such hymns and prayers enlighten the festive spirit.

Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti Special

Lord Ganesh is the favorite god of a lot of people in India. From small kids to elders all are true worshipers of Ganpati. Bal Ganesh’s stories are popular among all kids and inspire them to do well.  Browse below to download for free your favorite Ganesh Aarti Sukhakarta Dukhaharta Aarti. The Ganpati aarti image pdf above also allows you to print that out and pass it to everyone from small kids and elders. The aarti printout is needed not only for household idol Pooja but also for Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandals. Sing the aarti this Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 without the fear of having sung any wrong lyrics.


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Collection of Ganpati Aarti MP3, Lyrics Marathi

सुखकर्ता दुखहर्ता वार्ता विघ्नाची |
नुरवी पूर्वी प्रेम कृपा जयाची |
सर्वांगी सुंदर उटी शेंदुराची |
कंठी झरके माल मुक्ताफळाची || १ ||

जय देव जय देव जय मंगलमूर्ती |
दर्शनमात्रे मनकामना पुरती || 
रत्नखचित फरा तूज गौरीकुमरा |
चंदनाची उटी कुंकुमकेशरा |
हिरे जडित मुकुट शोभतो बरा |
रुणझुणती नुपुरे चरणी घागरिया || 2 ||

लंबोदर पितांबर फनी वरवंदना |
सरळ सोंड वक्रतुंड त्रिनयना |
दास रामाचा वाट पाहे सदना |
संकटी पावावे निर्वाणी रक्षावे सुरवंदना |
जय देव जय देव जय मंगलमूर्ती |
दर्शनमात्रे मनकामना पुरती || ३ ||

Ganapati Aarti In Marathi Download
Download – Ganesh Aarti In Marathi

In Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on a very large scale, lots of people fast and bring home the statue of Lord Ganesh and serve the god with favorite modaks and prayers and celebrate the festival with friends and family with great pomp and show. Feel happy and rejoice in the great happiness of the holy god Ganesha by playing Ganesh Chaturthi songs and Melodies that entice you and create a world of spiritual happiness. So, for The Occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi 2021 we give you the best opportunity to download for free Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti Free Download {MP3, Lyrics Marathi}. Make the most of the festive occasion by downloading other spiritual Mp3 songs in Marathi as well. Thanks for Visiting and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Importance of Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti

Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti is highly significant in Hindu religious and cultural practices. Aarti is a devotional ritual that involves waving a lit lamp or lighting candles in front of a deity while singing or reciting prayers. Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti is performed during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the herald of success and good fortune.

Some of the reasons why the Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti is deemed significant:

Expression of Devotion:

Aarti is a method of expressing one’s profound reverence and devotion to Lord Ganesha. By waving the lamp and chanting prayers, devotees express their adoration, reverence, and appreciation for the deity.

Importance of Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti

Spiritual Connection:

Aarti establishes a spiritual link between the devotee and the divine. It is believed that by participating in the Aarti, one can feel a stronger connection to Lord Ganesha and his divine energy.

Removal of Negative Energies:

Waving a lit lamp in a circular motion represents the removal of darkness and negative energies from an individual’s existence.

The light symbolizes the eradication of ignorance and the illumination of the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Invoking Blessings:

Devotees sing hymns and chant mantras during the Aarti that invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. These prayers attract his divine mercy, protection, and blessings.

Cultural Tradition:

Ganesh Chaturthi Aarti is an essential component of the festival’s cultural tradition. The melodic chanting of hymns and the rhythmic waving of the lamp creates a jubilant and festive atmosphere.

Community Bonding:

Aarti is frequently performed in groups, bringing together family members, acquaintances, and members of the community. This communal activity fosters a sense of unity and solidarity among devotees, thereby enhancing the social and cultural significance of the festival.

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