Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts You Can Give to Someone Special This Year

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Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts for Someone Special

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 is one of the most auspicious days in Indian culture, and Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts is one of the ways people greet and celebrate any festival, without Ganesh Chaturthi as an exception.

One wouldn’t find it easy to find the best gift because there is really not much one can find when you talk of a particular event. In the guide below, we share with you the best ways to gift each other or your close ones with something special on the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the small season when the birthday of Lord Ganesha

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Here are the best Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts you can give to someone special.


ganesh chaturthi sweets

During Indian festivals, it is all about sweets apart from prayers to God. There are special sweets made for particular auspicious days, and during Ganesh Chaturthi, it’s god’s favorite Laddoo and thus, it is quite apt to gift a specially packed Motichur laddoo.

The other sweets that are special and available, include Motichoor Modaks, Mawa Modaks, Besan Ke Laddu, Kaju Barfi, Puran Poli Modak, Rawa Laddoo, and Dal ka Halwa. There are a lot of other sweets but these are the ones that one would always love to have, especially the ladoos given that this is the birthday of Lord Ganesha.

Modaks are the traditional sweet offered to Lord Ganesha. You can also give other sweets, such as laddoos, barfis, or jalebis.

Ganesh Diyas / Lamps

Ganesh Diyas / Lamps

There are a lot of beautiful diyas, agarbatti stands and special lamps available with the carving of Lord Ganesh on them. These are Silver, White Metal, Brass, and even Gold. The designs such as Ganesh sitting on large leaf, with a diya on front of him, and there are colorful attractive diyas too available both online and offline for someone who wanted to give something in the right trend and wanted to gift something which lasts for a long time, and people remember it.

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Ganesh Idols

Ganesh Idols- Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

Ganesh Idols are the most attractive, rememberable, and theme-based Ganesh Chaturthi gifts you can give to someone special. If you haven’t one of these, go visit a store and check for the Marble Ganesh idols which come with beautiful designs, finished and with stones to make them look the best, and it is a Hindu belief to have a Ganesh idol in the house for the growth in wealth.

There are so many options that you might have about which one to go with, but the material is what you should look for before choosing the best idol to gift. This is a traditional gift that to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. You can choose from a variety of Ganesha idols, made of different materials, such as clay, marble, or metal. 

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Ganesh Gold / Silver Coins

Ganesh Gold / Silver Coins - Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

If you are thinking about the use of what you are gifting, then choosing a gold or silver coin based on your budget is a very good choice because these can be kept for a long time, and when needed, the person who with this, can exchange this with something useful. There are coins available with a weight of as low as 2 grams, so you can choose one and gift it with the Ganesh scripted on the coin.

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits - Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

These are for the ones who look into everything, even the shelf life.

Sweets which we shared above, cannot be eaten a couple of days after they are made. but Dry fruits can be kept for a considerable amount of time.

These look very good as a gift on any occasion, whether that may be a religious one or an anniversary of something. Dry Fruits in the Poojas in houses, so gifting them as Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts could serve more than one purpose.


Fruits- Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts

Fruits are also a popular gift during Ganesh Chaturthi. You can give a basket of fruits or a specific fruit that is auspicious, such as bananas or coconuts.

Puja Thali: 

Puja Thali- Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts
Ganesh Chaturthi Gifts- Puja Thali

Puja thali is a set of items that for puja, such as a bell, a conch shell, a lamp, and flowers. This is a thoughtful gift for someone who is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

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